Row Boat

Bottle Imp Productions Post-Rock 09/10/2013

ETT, the first full length album by Row Boat, is ambient yet sweeping. A grain of snow shimmers in the soft light of the northern sun. A field of white, miles and miles. Each grain glowing till the multiplicity of it blinds you. Branches encased in the clear, fragile security of ice droplets. Simplification multiplied until it encompasses complexity.


01. Ett (1:41)
02. Prova (6:06)
03. Frostavallen (3:00)
04. Rädslan (6:44)
05. Fix Your Bones (3:08)
06. By Winters Night (5:57)
07. Aurora (7:20)
08. Igloo (7:05)
09. Kämpaglöd (6:33)
10. Annika (3:43)


"“ETT” unfurls the full scope and power of Mark’s creative vision and it arrives as a significant and ear-catching contribution in an increasingly crowded field. At times delicately nuanced, at others epic and bombastic, “ETT” is an outstanding multi-faceted album that brings together a number of diverse genre aesthetics and has real growing power."

— Brian Housman from Stationary Travels

"ETT is a wonderful collection of 10 songs, each one with its own character through which Mark has encapsulated a world of serenity and melancholia. From the very first track you will be transported to that daydreaming land where this album takes place."

— Daniela Patrizi from Echoes and Dust