Headphonaught top 10Blogger, Reviewer, label owner and all things music, there isn’t one thing Thomas Mathie of ‘Headphonaught and ‘We Are All Ghosts’ doesn’t know about the music world. And  he has now revealed his top 30 albums of 2013. Row Boat narrowly missed out on the top spot to “La Casa Sulla Luna” by Bruno Bavota, a magical album that encapsulated many. Within the top 10 also included “Planet Shhh!” by Human Pyramids“A Sense Of Uncertainty” by Good Weather For An Airstrike, and “Stories From Elsewhere” by Rhian Sheehan. Row Boat’s #2 spot amongst these talented artists has shown just what a fantastic reception ‘Ett’ was given into the world of music and fans of music in 2013.