Stationary Travels

The debut album ‘Ett’ is making waves within Pock Rock releases and has appeared in ‘Stationary Travels’ Top 20 Outstanding Albums of 2013.

“Row Boat is ambient post rock project of Mark Wardale. Based in the UK, but strongly referencing Scandinavia musically and geographically, Row Boat’s music is a delightfully eclectic blend of ethereal atmospheres and glowering post rock.  Some tunes, such as the beautiful ‘Frostavallen’, never leave the ambient domain, whereas others such as ‘Rädslan’ build into stormy crescendos.  The standout track here is ‘Kämpaglöd’ with its glowering piano and bass lines, rollicking drum beat, and impressive build-up that falls over the cliff into a moody and sullen outro. Great stuff.”